Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon

img_20161016_190743I race the Scotia Toronto Waterfront half marathon race for the 4th time last Sunday. I love
this race! This year, the temperature was very warm compared to previous years. Instead of temps around 5-8C (41-46F), it was 20C (68F) and very humid. I didn’t mind the heat, but I think it bothered quite a few other runners. Garmin Data

I was hoping for 1:40 or  less, but missed my time and finished at 1:43:22 for my official time. I think I could have hit my goal time if I hadn’t made some bad decisions, one of them was really big.

Four finish times are: 2013: 1:44:33, 2014: 1:43:11, 2015: 1:41:57, 2016: 1:43:18

tumblr_n69qiuygxp1riu06po1_400The first bad decision, was I ate an early dinner in Toronto the night before and I ate a second dinner around 7:00. I knew this would really hit me in the morning, if you know what I mean. I was just hoping it wouldn’t be during the race. Lucky for me, I took care of business about 45 minutes after I woke up, but this issue caused me to eat my breakfast too late. I think this is probably why I was fighting some abdominal cramps during the race. That is a stitch in my side, if I started running too fast because I ate breakfast too late.  But, I think at worst case, this only cost me about 30 seconds.

Certainly the worst decision was dealing with running tunes. Just as I crossed the start line, I knocked my MP3 player off my belt. I quickly stopped, went back and picked it up before it got trampled, but it broke in the fall.  And I made the best heavy metal race playlist for the race the night before too.

I was carrying my phone with me, and at about 3k, I decided to try to hook up my phone music player so I could listen to some energetic music while racing. From the start line to this time, I convinced myself I was going to be running so hard and crushing this race, I was going to need the boost at the end. So, I pulled over to the sidewalk and tried to hook up my headphones to my phone. The problem was, it was raining. Touch screens don’t like to work in the rain. This took way too long. I couldn’t get my phone back into my running belt. I had 2 left hands. Ugh! You can see from my Garmin data, that I lost nearly 1:30 for this stupid distraction!

Then, when I was about 15 minutes from the finish line, the album I was listening too ended and I ran the last, most difficult part, without the music boost I WASTED all that time on anyway. Bwahaha! What a dummy.

Anyway, I can’t really complain. I still finished 76/546 for my age group and 731/5305 for all men.  Considering so many people aren’t even healthy enough to run, I will count my blessings.

It was very cool that I got to run with Ed Whitlock for just a bit.  Ed broke the record for the fastest marathon in the 85-89 year old age group! I passed him on Bloor st.

I also got to see Eric Gillis, Canadian Marathon Distance Olympian, cross the finish line. The winners of the full marathon crossed the finish like and it seemed like half of the field for the half marathon were still running. Amazing, ‘eh?

This years race medal is my favourite for this event!img_20161016_121628-01The start lineimg_20161016_084106The Finish Line



Panoramic shot from my posh hotel accommodations of the race site in the morning. Thirty Seventh floor of the Sheraton. Start line is on the left, Finish on the right!



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Run for the Toad Trail Race

I was supposed to run about a 20k/12mile training run for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half marathon today. But, today, Tina Rogers needed another body for her relay team for the Run for the Toad trail race! I wanted to do this race as a training run, but it always sells out early and I didn’t register in time.
How lucky am I? I got to do it anyway. I had a great time! One of my highlights for the year.
After I finished my loop, I took my timing bib off and ran an extra lap for grins. Wow! So tiring, but in a good way! I ran the first lap too fast for running 2 laps. But, I got my training run in. More than I wanted and faster than  I wanted, but I won’t complain
I hope to do this race again.
Garmin Data:
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2016 Guelph 1 Sprint Triathlon


Last weekend, I raced the Guelph Lake Sprint triathlon and had my best race ever! First, what is a sprint triathlon? A “sprint” distance is generally a 750m swim (820 yards, yes over 8 football fields) a 20k bike (13.1 miles) and then a 5k run (3.1 miles).

It is called a sprint, because it is short, and you basically are going flat out the entire time. The longer distance triathlons, you often hold back and pace yourself because you might be racing for many hours.

FinishStats.JPGThere were 599 participants in this event counting both men and women. There were 33 men in my age group (45-49) and I got 4th!

Probably the biggest issue with these races for me is the swim. I never practice open water swimming or even practice swimming in my wetsuit.  The only time I do these things is on race day. So, I get panic attacks.

This race was no different. By the time I hit the second buoy, I could feel the panicked breathing starting.  Luckily, I just saw this video on YouTube a few weeks prior for how to make panic attacks go away. It worked! I just focused on these breathing techniques and by the 3rd  buoy, I was ready to push it again and was 6 of 33 for the swim.  If you have issues with panic attacks or at least panic attacks while swimming a triathlon, check out this video. This video isn’t for racing, but just in general.

My bike leg went well. I felt pretty strong and I feel like I passed over 50 people. But, the best part for me was the run. I ran at a 4:38km pace (12.6kph or 8mph) for the 5k leg. For me, this is really good, especially after just biking and swimming and it was an incredibly hot day on Sunday! (about 27.5c / 82F at race finish) .

A lot of people were complaining about the heat that day. Rightly so. But, for some reason, I really wasn’t feeling it that day. Maybe it was the new head buff I wore? Maybe just adrenaline?

The best part of the race was getting called up to the podium to get a 4th place finisher medal.


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Paul Ryan’s Poverty Agenda

Paul Ryan “Claims” he is supporting Trump because he wants to get his “Anti-Poverty” agenda passed in 2017.
Do anyone really think if it is a good plan any democrat wouldn’t support it?  See my post how Bill Clinton supported the GOP agenda in the 90s.
Generally, the Dems aren’t obstructionists like the GOP has proven to be over the last 8 years.
This obstruction, by one party (The racist party, who just nominated a racist as their leader) – that does absolutely nothing, is a new phenomena since the US put a black man in office.
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You suck Associated Press

The Associated Press runs a story declaring Hillary the Dem nominee the day before the big California election. This will obviously suppress the vote in California, hurting Bernie and helping Hillary.
No wonder so many American’s (especially Bernie and Trump supports) think the entire American system is corrupt and broken. That even the media is in the pockets of big business and the wealthy.
The AP could have run this story tonight and it still would have been a good story.
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Why Paul Ryan Should Endorse Hillary Clinton

Paul Ryan says is supporting Trump because he thinks he will sign his legislative agenda after elected.  Doesn’t he remember when the last Clinton was in office with a GOP house?
  • Signed Welfare reform kicking, people off welfare
  • Signed the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA)
  • implemented “Don’t ask Don’t tell” for gays in the military vs openly serving
  • Reinventing Government Initiative reduced federal employees by 377,000
  • Balanced the budget (Actually budget surplus)
  • Signed NAFTA
  • Signed that much maligned crime bill
  • Added 100,000 police officers on the streets
  • Signed GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and trade)
  • Signed a Religious freedom memorandum for public schools
  • Death penalty for terrorists
  • Required welfare recipients to work
  • Reduced medicare fraud by 1.6 billion
  • banned research on human cloning
These are all Republican agenda items!

This is why Bernie Sanders supporters don’t want Hillary to be the nominee.
This is how she would govern too.

This statement isn’t in support of Hillary. It’s just an obvious fact.
You don’t have to endorse Trump to get your agenda passed, Paul Ryan.
Stop putting your party before your country, Asshole.

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Why are razors so expensive?

Have you noticed how expensive razors are? Feel like you’re getting ripped off? That’s because you are!

Keep reading.

Reviewing Walmart Canada websites, here are some prices on 4 pack, 5-blade razors refills.

  • $23 Gillette Fusion ProGlide Men’s Razor Blade Refills
  • $24 Gillette® Fusion® ProShield™ Men’s Razor Blade Refills
  • $24 Gillette® Fusion® ProShield™ Chill™ Men’s Razor Blade Refills
  • $14.58 Schick Hydro 5 Refill Razor Blades
  • $6.92 Wilkinson Sword M5 Magnum Refills

I have been using the Wilkinson Sword for over a year now. These work great for me. The only complaint is they don’t seem to have the cute back side razor for trimming very close to my nose.

Need more information to feel comfortable with this brand? Wilkinson Sword is just the European version of Schick. They are both owned by Edgewell Personal Care.  I don’t know why these are so cheap, but if you compare them to the Hyrdo 5, they look nearly identical. In England, there is a razor called the Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5.

Are you a lady and also want to save money? THEN USE THIS MEN’s razor. They are the same, just not pink. But, if you must have it in lady colour, then Sobey’s has a Women’s Compliments version of this Wilkinson Sword 5-blade razor that is also under $7. For your legs and pits, it will work awesome. I used it for that reason during last year’s bike season🙂 Also, women’s razors are about 20% more expensive than men’s razors for no good the reason. The only reason is probably because women do most of the family shopping and, since they are purchasing for themselves, they will spend the extra few dollars.

Live in the US? I can’t find as good of a deal as this. The closest I can find is to use Schick or Personna brand, which is also Wilkinson Sword.

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